FJ Composite (hereafter, “the Company”) acknowledges the importance of personal information and takes the following measures to ensure privacy.

Basic Policy

The Company abides by laws and legal parameters applied to personal information, has established internal rules for the management of personal information, and promotes a thorough awareness of related legislation and in-house responses among employees, including executives, regular staff, temporary staff and part-timers. The Company endeavors to uphold prevailing practices and further improve them.

Acquiring Personal Information

In the event the Company collects personal information from you, the intended use of this information will be disclosed in general or you will be notified specifically, and the information will be collected fairly and only as necessary to facilitate our purpose.

Secure Management

The Company takes the necessary steps to safeguard personal information and strives to preclude risks, such as illegal access, loss, manipulation and unauthorized disclosure of personal information.

Intended Use

The Company uses personal information within the parameters of the intended use, as presented to you when the data is collected. In addition, the Company handles personal information in an appropriate manner and, except in the situations described below, will not disclose or provide to third parties any personal information without your permission.
When we have your approval.
When we are legally required to do so.

Shared Use

If the Company shares personal information with a third party or if the Company entrusts personal information to a third party which undertakes certain services on its behalf, the Company will ensure that the third party will not divulge your information.

Review and Revision

If you wish to confirm the personal information the Company has collected from you, update it or delete it, your identity must first be verified and then the necessary response will be taken in an appropriate manner.

Intended Use of Personal Information

  1. In principle, personal information provided to the Company by clients is used to offer and collect products and services or to provide related information and also to revise and improve products and services.
  2. Personal information on the Company’s shareholders is used to convey materials and important items of communication stipulated under the Corporation Law.
  3. Personal information from investors and analysts is used for communication purposes, such as news about IR meetings.
  4. Personal information on job applicants is used for supplying individuals with employment-related information, such as initial hiring assessments, interview times and notification of hiring results.
  5. Inquiries

    1. Inquiries regarding personal information, specifically, the disclosure of, correction to, or addition or deletion of such information, any request to end to the use of such information or its complete removal from the Company’s records, or any request to prevent personal information from being provided to a third party, should be directed to the division you provided the data to. You may also contact the Corporate Communications Department of the General Affairs Division at 0123-29-7034.
    2. Complaints and questions regarding personal information can be obtained through the department noted above.