Molded products of carbon powder and various resins (phenol, PE, PP, PFA, PPS). We manufacture and offer products with groove patterns in molds and offer them to customers.
We adapt products tailored to your needs from trial production and mass production.

Separator physical property table


The above is a typical example. Feel free to contact if you have any other requests.

Product introduction

Both prototypes by press machining and press molded products are available.


Press molded product (small) ·


Press molded product (large)


Machined product

4th generation carbon separator (cold press)

We prepare a fuel cell separator which satisfies all US DOE and NEDO target values. by blending graphite and thermosetting resin by our own manufacturing method.
With the establishment of high-speed molding technology by cold press and success in cost reduction, the practical application of fuel cells is getting possible.
We are still continuing research and developing products with higher functionality and cost performance.

Product performance
Production speed and price change


Hydrophilic treatment

Hydrophilicity can be controlled arbitrarily by changing processing intensity.

  • Normal pressure, short time treatment
  • Chemically stable
  • Methanol tolerance
    No change even with immersion in 100% methanol
  • By masking etc., localized hydrophilization is also possible by masking etc. ex)flow path only such as flow path only

Prototype of third generation carbon separator

Cutting product of flat plate.
For customers who want a small amount, We can supply from one piece by plate material or cutting.
Since other sizes are also manufacturable, please feel free to contact us for delivery and pricing. Feel free to contact if you need other size.

Commercialization success case in supporting industry

Supporting industry (also known as “sapoin”) is a sophisticated and fundamental industry that is indispensable for the industrial sector, which leads Japanese economy in present and future, to demonstrate its competitiveness.
We have developed separator plate for fuel cell (PEFC) at the first supplement of 2006 and it was introduced as a successful example of commercialization of SME Infrastructure Development Organization.
Information on Support Industry Project for small and medium sized institution (P3 – 4 posted)

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