We manufacture and develop heat sink materials based on carbon of light weight, low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity.
Main applications are mobile phone base station, PKG (4G / 5G communication device) for GAN element, Semiconductor radar element, Heat sink for vertical LED etc.







Product introduction


Our proprietary “S-CMC® (super CMC)” is composed of multilayered flat plates of Mo foil and Cu foil. It is a low thermal expansion cladding material superior in thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion to Mo powder product.
By using Mo foil, the amount of Mo can be reduced to 1/5 to 1/10, and the thermal expansion of S – CMC can be reduced to 6 to 10 ppm / ° C. At that time, the thermal conductivity reaches 330 to 360 W / mK, which is 1.5 times of conventional products.
In addition, the new method “high-temperature low-pressure press diffusion bonding” overcomes “occurrence of waviness”, “nonuniformity in thickness”, “no flatness” which was a drawback of conventional method “rolling” and enabled “High thermal conductivity” and “Low cost”.
It can be applied to various semiconductor fields, and particularly suitable as a heat sink for GAN elements used for 4G / 5G communication.
※Patent acquisition: patent number 3862737
※ Trademark registered



Case study
  • Heat sink of GAN element for 4G / 5G communication
  • Heat dissipating board of metal package
  • Ceramic package heat sink
  • Heat radiation board of optical communication device
※We can make from one prototype.
Processing method


  • W-EDM
  • Press punching
  • Milling etc.
Physical properties table


Comparison of thermal conductivity


Sectional view of S-CMC
(Cu/Mo/Cu/Mo/Cu 5 Ply)


Awarded Special Prize of Monozukuri Japan Award (2015)
Special prize of 6th Monozukuri Award with S-CMC® technology we received special prize of 6th Monozukuri Japan award, by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry are the core of manufacturing and production sites, have supported traditional and cultural “techniques”, and Monozukuri Japan award is for those who will be responsible for the future.
Monozukuri Japan Award Winner Introduction Booklet (P56-57)


Other heat radiation materials

We manufacture various heat radiation materials such as carbon sheet (for PC), carbon / aluminum composite material, SiC / aluminum composite material, etc.
We can make from one prototype. Please feel free to consult us.

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